whats filming toronto spring summer

This is what's filming in Toronto this spring and summer

Filming in Toronto this summer will mark a second sunny season of cast and crews working under COVID-19 restrictions.

But the shows will go on, and you can expect to see a fair number of productions transform Hollywood North into the backdrop for a bunch of movies and TV shows. 

As it stands, all the protocols that were established for safe film sets are still in place, meaning no studio audiences allowed on set, a maximum of 10 performers on set at a time, PPE and the like.

Hit shows like the third seasons of Titans, Jason Mamoa's Slumberland, and The Handmaid's Tale wrap up filming this spring, but as the weather warms up, you can probably expect to spot more trailers and film sets popping up around town. 

Here are some of the most exciting movies and TV shows filming in Toronto this summer.

Jack Reacher 

The Amazon Prime series based on the army veteran from Lee Child's billion-dollar book brand will be filming its first season starting mid-April.

Season one is based off the first Jack Reacher novel, Killing Floor, set in Atlanta. You won't see Tom Cruise racing through Toronto in a Chevy, but you might see Alan Ritchson around (he also played Hank Hall in Titans, another Toronto-based show). 

The eight-episode show wraps up shooting in Toronto on July 30.

Station Eleven

The 2014 novel by Canadian author Emily St. John Mandel is getting a 10-part HBO Max series.

The story, about a flu pandemic that nearly wipes out the globe, hits a little too close to home, literally and figuratively. The show started filming last year in Chicago, but resumed in Toronto this February.

If the plot goes according to novel, which is set in the Great Lakes region, the show will start off with a staging of King Lear in Toronto's Elgin Theatre. 

Station Eleven stars actors Mackenzie Davis, Gael García Bernal, and Himesh Patel, and will continue shooting in Toronto until August. 


Don't be fooled by the name: Chroma is actually the working title of the third season of the popular superhero series Umbrella Academy as it awaits a Netflix renewal. 9Season 2's working title was Mercury.) 

As with its previous seasons, you'll likely be able to identify some Toronto landmarks in the show. Umbrella Academy has been shooting since February 8 and will continue until August 17.

Working in the summer will likely be a lot easier than having to edit out an unexpected Canadian snowstorm

Star Trek 

Filming continues at CBS's massive production facility on Matheson Boulevard for the fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery. The 10-episode TV series has been shooting since February.

This season follows the crew of the USS Discovery crew 900 years after Star Trek: The Original Series takes place. Production was originally announced to end in June, but looks like it's been pushed back until mid-September, at least. 

The Boys 

This popular satirical superhero show continues production in Toronto until August 31.

Since debuting in 2019, the Amazon Video show has been so popular that it's getting multiple spin-off series: G-Men and Supe Porn. 

Some ironic Season 3 PSA posters have been released to tease the upcoming show, featuring Queen Maeve and Homelander encouraging people to be more respectful and have "a positive attitude." 

Locke & Key

Netflix's supernatural horror drama series is shooting its third season from May to mid-September.

The coming-of-age show, which only premiered on Netflix in early 2020, has quickly been picked up for multiple seasons. Season 2 has yet to air but third season shoots will soon be underway. 

Based on the comics by Joe Jill and Gabriel Rodriguez, the show follows the Locke siblings following the mysterious murder of their father. 

Y: The Last Man

Yet another post-apocalytpic TV series is on the way. Based on the acclaimed graphic novel by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, the show is slated to premiere on FX on Hulu.

Ben Schnetzer plays Yorick Brown, the sole survivor (and only Y chromosome-having mammal left alive) after a cataclysm.

Other cast members include Ashley Romans, Olivia Thirlby, Diane Lane and Amber Tamblyn. The show started shooting in January and will be going until July 31. 

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