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Doug Ford just got his first haircut in 5 months

Should ever he decide to retire from politics, Ontario Premier Doug Ford may have a viable career ahead of him as a vlogger.

Ford has officially embarked upon his controversial "summer tour," which will see him "criss-cross" the province for the next eight weeks to, as he put it, "thank Ontarians and the many businesses across this province for stepping up and doing their part during COVID-19."

He'll also be live-tweeting the entire thing, apparently — and I must say, his team has been known to create some genuinely entertaining content.

Thursday morning saw the premier leave the GTA for Windsor-Essex, where his schedule includes meeting with farmers, local business owners, and a barber to take care of that "sheepdog" situation.

"We're off to Windsor-Essex this morning, bright and early!" he said in a video posted to Twitter around 6:40 a.m.

"I'm going to support local business, I'm getting my haircut and I just can't wait to see everyone."

En route to Windsor, Ford stopped off in Leamington, Ontario for a cut with barber Henry Mastronardi of Mastronardi Barbering.

The premier teased the cut multiple times on Twitter, prompting at least one journalist to share vintage photos of his previous coifs.

Right before the cut, Ford tweeted a photo with the words "Stay tuned..."

Yeah, this wasn't just a haircut — it was a full on event.

The pageantry makes a bit more sense with context.

Ford, like many Ontario residents, had been itching to get his ears lowered for months while salons and barbershops remain shuttered due to COVID-19.

The premier promised on June 23, as parts of the province started to enter Stage 2 of his government's economic reopening plan, to wait until all of Ontario had caught up to get his haircut.

Windsor-Essex was the last remaining region to move past Stage 1 due to outbreaks among farm workers, with Leamington and Kingsville last among the specific towns within the region to open.

"I'm standing beside the people of Windsor-Essex. It's not fair that they can't get a haircut and I can go out and get one," said Ford of why he was deciding to wait for a haircut back in June.

"I'll get clipped after everyone else gets clipped, down in Windsor-Essex."

Now that he's finally had his hair cleaned up after five months without a barber, Ford seems thrilled.

"Boy it feels good to get a haircut," he said following the chop.

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Doug Ford

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