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Doug Ford says hair salons in Ontario won't reopen anytime soon

It brings me great displeasure to report that nobody in Ontario will be getting their hair done in time for the long weekend — not unless they plan to do it themselves or entrust their mane to a loved one who's not a trained stylist... in which case I would strongly suggest reconsidering.

Premier Doug Ford confirmed what many blondes with long brown roots had feared was coming today during his daily pandemic press conference: Hair salons are not on the province's new list of businesses allowed to reopen.

Released today, the widely-expanded list of non-essential business and service types permitted to resume operations on Tuesday, May 19, under Stage One of the province's economic reopening plan include everything from recording studios and BMX tracks to all retail stores that aren't located inside malls.

No hair salons or barber shops, however, appear anywhere on the list — nor do any services that involve very close contact between provider and client.

Given the nature of COVID-19 and how easily it spreads between humans, it's not surprising that the government isn't ready to go there yet.

It is disappointing though, even for our leaders.

When asked after his press conference today about when personal services such as hair and nail salons, massage therapy offices and the like might reopen in Ontario, Ford couldn't give any sort of specific timeline.

"It'll depend on the numbers... I can't give you a specific stage, be it stage two or stage three," said Ford, noting that he'd been fielding the question a lot lately. "I hear it from everyone."

"Look at my hair!" the premier continued, turning to his own coif. "I look like a sheepdog right now. I think dog grooming, I should go there, get a little clip myself... Everyone wants to go and get their hair done."

Ford said that he is well aware of how badly people want their hair salons to reopen, but explained that it's not the right move at this time in the pandemic.

"I have five girls: manicure, pedicure, hair dressers, I hear it all the time," he said, "but we have to make sure safety comes first and especially in those close quarters when you have a hair dresser or a barber right over you, cutting your hair."

Many salons are already preparing for when the day comes that they can reopen, having already implemented enhanced sanitzation and personal protective measures for both staff and guests.

Getting an appointment when they do reopen may be tricky under a heavy surge of demand, however. More on that piece of the puzzle tomorrow.

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Hector Vasquez

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