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Doug Ford says he won't get a haircut until everyone in Ontario is allowed

Toronto is now just hours away from entering Stage 2 of the province's economic reopening process, allowing members of the public to once again visit restaurant patios, hair salons and dozens of other business types.

"Get a haircut" is at the top of many lists in terms of what people plan to do first when things reopen on Wednesday morning (though, in actual fact, it could be quite some time before you're able to score an appointment).

Our leaders are no exception.

Like most men who haven't yet already buzzed their heads with clippers, Ontario Premier Doug Ford wants a haircut — he revealed as much last month by lamenting that his longer-than-normal hair made him feel like an Old English Sheepdog.

"Look at my hair!" said Ford on May 14 when presented with complaints about people wanting hair salons to reopen. "I look like a sheepdog right now. I think dog grooming, I should go there, get a little clip myself... Everyone wants to go and get their hair done."

Ford was once again asked about haircuts during his daily pandemic press conference on Tuesday, only this time the question was more personal.

"I do have two serious questions, but on a lighter note, are you planning on getting a haircut tomorrow?" asked Global News Queen's Park Bureau Cheif Travis Dhanraj of Ford, prompting giggles from Health Minister Christine Elliott and Education Minister Stephen Lecce.

Ford kept a straight face, however, stating in a serious tone that "I'm not going to get a haircut until everyone in the province can."

"I'm standing beside the people of Windsor-Essex. It's not fair that they can't get a haircut and I can go out and get one," continued the Premier. "So I'm going to stand with them."

Ford stated that he similarly would not be going to any restaurant patios until all of Ontario has been approved to enter Stage 2, as Peel and Toronto were on Monday and all other regions of the province (save for Windsor) had been on one of the two Mondays prior.

"I'm gunna support the people of Windsor-Essex. I know it's not much but i'll continue supporting them," said Ford. "I'll get clipped after everyone else gets clipped down in Windsor-Essex."

Pretty noble, imho, unlike those cottage country mayors who publicly got haircuts in defiance of provincial closure orders.

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Doug Ford

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