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Toronto is in love with the giant teddy bear at FAO Schwarz

When the illustrious American toy store FAO Schwarz announced that it was coming to Toronto, fans of films like Big and The Night Before straight up freaked out over the prospect of jumping on a giant keyboard.

Now that the store-within-a-store at Toronto's flagship mall is open, their dreams can become realities — and those dreams, it would seem, go well beyond playing Kanye West's 'Runaway' with their feet.

A giant teddy bear appears to be stealing the show inside Hudson's Bay at Yonge and Queen, one of 89 mini-stores staged across the country to celebrate the grand reopening of FAO Schwarz in New York.

One of several life-size (or at least human size) stuffed animals present at the pop-up. There's also a cool giraffe.

The bear is something you can actually buy, but with a price tag of $600 many young adults are choosing to have their photos taken with it instead.

Instagram is filling up fast with photos of the bear, most of them while he is embracing women who appear to be in their 20s and 30s.

It's an adorable scene, all around, and reaction to the toy's presence proves that giant teddy bears are awesome... though that's likely been proven before. Giant anything tends to be awesome.

Prior to the Toronto pop-up, FAO Schwarz had closed its flagship store at 30 Rockefeller Plaza after more than 150 years in business, crushing hardcore fans of the iconic Christmas destination and leaving some folks with an uncrossable item on their bucket list.

That was in 2015. Lucky for us, the original store is set to re-open in less than a month, on November 16.

Even luckier for us, the pop-up version will remain open at all Hudson's Bay locations in Toronto and elsewhere throughout the holiday season.

So go take pictures with a giant bear if you're looking to be cool on Instagram.

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