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Toronto is getting an all-you-can-eat Indian banana leaf feast

If you're in Toronto and you love Indian food, you're in luck: one of our newest restaurants for the cuisine is launching an all-you-can-eat banana leaf feast.

Desi Mane is a global Indian chain that recently opened its first location in Toronto. They're known for South Indian fare in particular.

Desi Mane is now serving up their traditional South Indian vegetarian food in an all-you-can-eat format on a banana leaf during a new lunch offering.

The unlimited feast is available every Saturday and Sunday for lunch from noon to 3 p.m. Three hour-long time slots are available to book within the lunchtime period.

There should be options like rice, sambar, kuzhambu (a curry-like dish that's often tamarind-based), pakora, pappad, pickle, rasam (a soup-like dish), yogurt, kootu (a stewy veggie dish), vada, poriyal (veggies, usually stir-fried) and payasam (a type of pudding).

"These traditions are not just cultural, they also provide multiple health benefits. When hot food is served on a banana leaf, nutrients from the leaf such as polyphenols are emitted," a Desi Mane spokesperson tells blogTO.

"Banana leaves are inherently rich in EGCG, a natural antioxidant found in plant-based foods such as green teas, which slows down the process of aging. This nutrient then mixes with the hot food served on the leaf, making our food more nutritious and healthy."

You can only take part in the all-you-can-eat feast by pre-booking, and there are limited seats available. Dishes are refilled continuously upon request.

"This iconic South Indian tradition is a specialty in celebratory events in South India, such as weddings and other auspicious ceremonies," says the spokesperson.

"We have brought this cultural and nutritious practice to Toronto, hoping to share a piece of our culture."

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