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10 bars that closed in Toronto this year

Bars that closed in Toronto this year have left a huge hole in our lives. They were celebratory spots for birthdays, anniversaries and promotions, and also just places to unwind at the end of a long day and catch up with friends. These spaces may be gone, but we can still raise a glass to them.

Here are some of the bars that closed in Toronto this year.


This self-proclaimed "five star dive bar" in Riverside was supposed to close with a huge party at the end of the year, but out of caution chose instead to bid a quiet goodbye.


An illegal gathering was busted at this King West spot while it was operating under this name, so perhaps it's for the best that this one has now transformed into The Hartly after closing near the start of 2021.


A lovely corner patio and a stunning faux skylight will be missed at this cocktail bar known for crafting thoughtful drink creations and serving sophisticated small bites.

Lipstick & Dynamite 

This West Queen West bar fought hard, but sadly had to close down even after raising over $20,000 through fundraising efforts. 

Open House 

Bloorcourt said goodbye this year to this charming bar with a homey feel that hosted a pop-up food window.

Wise Bar

This craft beer bar in Bloorcourt had turned into a bagel and bottle shop to stay afloat, but the business finally closed down all operations during the summer.

The John 

There were once several locations of this bar, and this past year the Riverside one (home to a patio with a big tree and TVs) shut down for good.

817 Sports Bar

Located on West Queen West, this bar closed permanently near the end of 2021 citing lockdown stresses as the reason they couldn't continue. It's supposed to be turning into a pub.

The Burren

This Leslieville space has been an Irish pub since forever, but this year it changed hands and has been transformed into more of a classic beer bar.

Thirsty & Miserable

Kensington will no longer be home to this bar known for its impressive craft beer selection. They decided to close up shop at the end of 2021.

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Jesse Milns at Open House

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