mcdonalds spicy nuggets

This is what McDonald's spicy chicken nuggets that everyone was so upset about are like

Everyone may have been upset when McDonald's Canada revealed that spicy McNuggets is what we were getting instead of McPizza, but people in Toronto have still been giving the nuggets a try.

Unfortunately, the majority of reviews coming in on social media so far are lukewarm at best: literally.

The main complaint people have about the nuggets is that they don't live up to the spicy promise.

The nuggets have a coating that's supposed to be spicy, and there's also a limited edition spicy Buffalo dipping sauce.

Someone wrote in a review on Instagram that the nuggets are really more peppery than spicy, but said they were still happy to have another option.

One person even said they broke from their usual habit of not eating meat to try the nuggets, and felt like it wasn't worth it.

Another said they were "just alright" and didn't deserve any hype.

Though the nuggets aren't getting a lot of love online in general, one Instagram reviewer said they at least like the Buffalo sauce better than the BTS sauces.

Another actually went against the grain and said they were in fact too spicy for them personally.

One person landed in the middle, saying they found them slightly spicy and mainly noting they should be eaten right away before they get too dry.

Someone else said they were definitely worth a try.

Those who aren't loving the nuggets may be comforted to know that they're supposed to be around for a limited time, so they should be booted from McDonald's Canada menus after Nov. 15.

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