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Beloved restaurant in Toronto that was thought to be closed for good is reopening

A Toronto restaurant with a 70-year history that mysteriously closed for part of the pandemic is reopening under new ownership.

Greg Boggs, former owner of The Ace, took to Instagram to announce that his time running the restaurant had come to an end.

"Thank you Roncesvalles, it's been a great 9 years (except for most of this last one)! But, my time at The Ace is over, in no small part due to Covid-19 and the uncertain situation The Ace and all restaurants, bars, and small businesses are currently facing. But also because it is just time for me to do something different," Boggs wrote.

"I am happy to announce that The Ace will continue under new ownership. So, while one more chapter of The Ace's 70 year history ends, another chapter will begin."

The restaurant was known for their brunch items such as huevos rancheros and French toast along with bang up Manhattans, as well as intimately cozy confines that deepened the connection between staff and customers.

"For me, there will always be something magic about The Ace. Maybe it was the combination of a caring staff, great food, an embracing neighbourhood, and the classic but eclectic setting," Boggs wrote. 

"Or maybe there is something to the story that its original owner, Mrs. Lee, still keeps watch over the place. Whatever the case, I am happy to have been a part of its history, and I'm happy you were too."

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