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Google removes thousands of positive reviews from New Ho King restaurant

Thousands of positive reviews for Toronto Chinese restaurant New Ho King have been deleted by Google after Kendrick Lamar fans spam the site.

Long-running Chinatown restaurant, New Ho King, has ascended to a new level of fame (or, perhaps, infamy) following a mention from Kendrick Lamar in his diss track, euphoria, which takes aim at Drake.

In the track, Lamar raps "I be at New Ho King eatin' fried rice with a dip sauce and blammy, crodie," in a mocking Toronto accent, poking fun at Drake's home town.

While the beef between Drake and Lamar drags on, New Ho King has emerged as an unexpected victor — going viral across social media platforms among Toronto residents and rap fans alike (admittedly, that venn diagram has significant overlap, anyway).

In the immediate wake of the track release, the Spadina restaurant was flooded with five-star reviews on Google from folks who were merely voicing their support for Kendrick Lamar, rather than the food — though, I'm sure New Ho King wasn't complaining about the publicity.

It looks like it's back to reality for New Ho King, as the deluge of positive reviews voicing support for Kendrick Lamar have disappeared after seemingly being deleted by Google.

A reviews section that was once flooded with comments like "Kendrick said your food was good," and "Kendrick was right, the fried rice here is bomb!" are now nowhere to be found — all that remains are pre-euphoria reviews.

To be clear, there are still plenty of perfectly legitimate reviews for the restaurant that remain on Google, but any that seemingly alluded to the rap beef are now gone, bringing the restaurant's average back down to an appropriate 3.8-stars.

If you want to test for yourself whether or not New Ho King is deserving of their newly-minted legend status, you can visit them at 410 Spadina.

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