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Loblaw boycotters say they were offered 60K points after trying to cancel PC Optimum

Some Canadians claim they were offered 60,000 PC Optimum points after requesting to cancel their accounts during the Loblaw boycott.

Over a week into the protest against soaring grocery prices, some people are finding other ways to boycott the grocery giant besides shopping at alternative stores.

Reddit user average_legend shared an email they say they received after requesting to cancel their PC Optimum account earlier this week.

"They offered me 60,000 points to stay," reads the post. "I didn't even have any points on my account at the time. I think I might take the points, get $60 worth of butter, then never go back."

What looks to be an email from the loyalty program shows the 60,000 points offer to remain a member. It says the points are worth $60, which they can use at any Loblaw store or Shoppers Drug Mart.

Cancelled my PC Optimum. They offered me 60k points.
byu/average_legend inloblawsisoutofcontrol

In an email statement, Loblaw spokesperson Dave Bauer said that "goodwill points" are generally offered to "make up for a poor experience" in-store or with its customer service team.

"We do not have a program in place to offer points to people who simply want to close their account," he explained.

However, another former PC Optimum member made a similar claim. Reddit user SaintBananaDuck shared a similar story.

"Guys I caved and took the $60 to remain a Optimum member… THEN CANCELLED MY ACCOUNT 2 DAYS LATER ANYWAYS!" reads the post.

The shopper says they used the points to get a bottle of red wine, chips and dip, and some snacks and "had a great date night" with their wife.

"Got it to $59.87 after tax, you can keep the 13 cents you greedy snakes, you're gonna need it. Last time I ever set foot in that store," reads the post.

Guys I caved and took the $60 to remain a Optimum member...
byu/SaintBananaDuck inloblawsisoutofcontrol

Redditor average_legend also shared an update on their PC Optimum cancellation.

"I responded to the email I received saying I would happily stay a member for the 60,000 points," reads the post. "About two hours later, I received the attached email."

The supposed loyalty program support team replying to their email doesn't acknowledge the user's acceptance of the points and has instead closed the account.

"I guess they're rescinding their offer? It also just occurred to me that I left my case number in the original post image, so it's entirely plausible that they found it on reddit (we know they're watching…)," the post continues.

This comes amid high tensions between Loblaw-owned stores and customers.

Canadians fed up with the corporation’s "out of control" prices created a sounding board on Reddit. The online community called Loblaws Is Out of Control started as a place to share memes and complain about the grocery chain's soaring prices.

Now, the online community, which has over 74,000 members, is boycotting Loblaw stores hroughout May.

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