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The top 10 summertime treats in Kensington Market

The top summertime treats in Kensington Market should be on your hit list anytime you’re rolling through one of Toronto’s most eclectic neighbourhoods. Whether you’re there for Pedestrian Sundays or just because, there’s few better spots to be in the summer than the market.

Here are my picks for the top summertime treats in Kensington.

Soft serve from Kiss The Tiramisu

Get decadent with the different flavours of soft serve at this ice creamery, which serves their swirly desserts to you in gilded goblets which you can take with you as you walk down Baldwin.

Gold-covered ice cream at Eative Film Cafe

We all know Toronto loves its ice cream trends. The most recent to hit the city was ice cream covered in edible 24K gold. Kensington may not be known for glamorous eats, but this cone from Eative takes luxury to the next level.

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Taiyakis at Sukoshi Mart

These traditional fish-shaped Japanese cakes are almost too cute to eat. Filled with tasty flavours like custard, green tea, or red bean, you can get two of these adorable mini bites for just $3; well-worth a taste of Japan in the summertime.

Iced lattes from Little Pebbles

These aren’t your regular ice lattes: this sleek little cafe does Asian-inspired flavours like black sesame and matcha that are extra refreshing and make cooling down in the summer taste oh-so good.

Crepe cones at Millie Creperie

Fill them up with s’mores, ice cream, gelato — whatever: these handheld paper-wrapped treats from Millie’s are one of those summer traditions that impresses year after year.

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Churro cones at Pancho’s Bakery

It’s hard to pass by 214 Augusta and resist Pancho’s churros in the window. This classic Mexican treat has been transformed from its original stick form into churro cones stuffed with ice cream.

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Paletas at Wrestlers

Choose from tons of paleta flavours at this Mexican cafe, where you can get them dipped in chocolate and rolled around in peanuts or coconut flakes for extra pizzazz.

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Froyo at Grk Ygrt

Grab some all-natural frozen yogurt for a cool treat that won’t give you the regular post-ice cream sugar high and ensuing crash.

Ice cream bars at Sweet Olenka’s

All the flavours at this narrow spot are so good it’ll be hard to choose. You can’t go wrong with these ice cream bars, just beware the sticky mess they might make on extra hot days. 

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Vegan donuts at Bunners

Yes, these are vegan. Everything at this bakery is the healthy version of the unhealthy thing you've been craving, like decked out donuts that are so good you won't believe its not killing you slowly. 

Lead photo by

Hector Vasquez of Kiss The Tiramisu

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