Sweet Olenkas Toronto

Sweet Olenka's in Kensington Market

Sweet Olenka's now boasts a third location, this time in Kensington Market. In time for warmer weather, the shop is stocked with Olenka's signature ice cream bars, ice cream sandwiches, and scratch-made ice creams.

Currently only the front half of the store is occupied. A handful of tables are set up, while the freezer cases block off the deep room that could one day house an expanded selection of confections.

Sweet Olenkas Toronto

For now, choose from over a dozen ice cream flavours like cherry coke, roasted marshmallow and red velvet, plus vegan selections like dark chocolate or mixed berry made with coconut milk. A regular scoop sells for $4, while a double is $6, and a triple is $7.

Sweet Olenkas Toronto

I try a double scoop of maple bacon with cinnamon crunch in a sugar cone (+20¢). They pair especially well together, the flavours of cinnamon and maple melt together on my tongue while bacon bits add pops of salt. Waffle cones made in house are available for $1 more.

Sweet Olenkas Toronto

Then there's the ice cream bars ($5) - a stunning selection of chocolate dipped treats, including a vegan coconut paw, strawberry kitty, and standard shapes in flavours like vanilla, salted caramel, chocolate, and raspberry.

Sweet Olenkas Toronto

The ready-made ice cream sandwiches look equally enticing too. Today's choices include s'mores and salted caramel, the former of which is thoroughly enjoyed by my dining companion.

Sweet Olenkas Toronto

I look forward to Sweet Olenka's expanding the selection as it settles into this new location. The unused back room is is brimming with potentia,l and while I'm happy to have the frozen goodies available for the summer months, I look forward to seeing the place furnished with even more delectable desserts in the future.

Sweet Olenkas Toronto

Photos by Jesse Milns

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