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The top 10 scones in Toronto

Scones in Toronto are less-closely linked to traditional British tea ceremonies than your local cafe or brunch spot, where you'll find them stocked alongside cookies and croissants or served next to your bacon and eggs. Whether sweet, savoury, ordered to go, or enjoyed with jams and cream, these baked goods are best enjoyed fresh (and, preferably, with a hot drink in the other hand).

Here are my picks for the top 10 scones in Toronto.

Baker & Scone
This bakery cafe on St. Clair is devoted chiefly to scones, and offers upwards of 40 flavours encompassing both sweet and savoury varieties, from chai spice to cheddar chive dill.

Kitten & The Bear
This storefront on Queen St. West specializes in jams, and offers buttery house-made buttermilk scones as a vessel to sample from the seasonal collection. The signature jam tasting experience includes scones and a choice of jam along with Devonshire clotted cream, and a cup of tea or coffee.

Andrea's Gerrard Street Bakery
This East Chinatown bakeshop stocks scones ($2.75 each) in assorted flavours. Look out for sweet options like blueberry lemon currant, and savoury versions like cheddar and chive.

Mildred's Temple Kitchen
Enjoy a basket of steaming red currant scones and buttermilk biscuits at this Liberty Village brunch destination. Order enough for a pair for $6, or for a table of six for $14; they're served warm with homemade preserves.

The Scullery
Find scones on the weekend brunch menu at this Cabbagetown cafe, where they're served up fresh with butter jam marmalade and Devon cream.

The vegan bakery in Bloorcourt offers an ever changing-selection of scones. Recent flavours have included a savoury version with rosemary, black olives and a hint of garlic, or raspberry lime with toasted coconut.

Wiseys Pies and Bakehouse
Kiwi-style meat pies might be the main event at this bakery in Leaside, but the scones are a real highlight among their other assorted offerings. Cheesy scones are among the house favourites, while seasonal selections like Saskatoon berry with white chocolate are delectable too.

Tori's Bakeshop
The vegan bakeshop in The Beaches is home to sweet scones, like one with blueberry and lemon, as savoury scones like roasted broccoli with daiya cheese, or mushroom, onion and thyme.

Circle & Squares
You don't have to travel to Markham to enjoy flakey baked scones from this bakeshop. It's more than likely that an independent cafe near you (Super-Jet, Dark Horse and Green Beanery - to name a few) stocks an assortment of scones brought in fresh daily.

Manic Coffee
The College Street cafe does all its own baking in-house, meaning that their dense, delicious cranberry studded scones are served fresh from the oven each day.

What did I miss? Add your favourite scones in the comments section.

Photo of Baker & Scone by Jesse Milns

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