Caplansky's Curtain Call at the Monarch

Zane Caplansky's been on a bit of a roll this week. His humble Monarch Tavern deli digs were graced Monday by two high-ranking members of the fooderati: Bonnie Stern, and Ruth Reichl.

Bonnie's a cooking school guru and all around food media type who's done a lot for raising the level of cuisine in the city, and Ruth's the editor-in-chief of Gourmet Magazine who stopped in Toronto as part of a national book tour.

Ruth apparently knows her smoked meat being an inveterate New York deli fiend; she also spent a good chunk of her formative years studying in Montreal. After chowing down at Caplansky's she effused in a review (okay, it was more a tweet than a review):

"Caplansky's smoked meat awesome. Along with the single most decadent knish ever made, involving smoked meat, puff pastry, schmaltz..."

I mean we could've told her that if she'd just asked.

Now fresh off that sterling (or as sterling as it could be in 140 characters or less) praise comes word yesterday straight from Zane's fingertips (via everyone's favourite social media site) that he's about to bring a little Jewish back to the Jewish Market (that's Kensington in the new money) having just signed a lease for the space at 356 College St.; formerly the Rosio Bakery Cafe. Zane hopes to have Caplansky's up and running in the new space sometime in July.

So for those less intrepid folk too timid to set foot in a place as menacing as the Monarch, fear not, you will be able to get authentic Toronto-style smoked meat without all those nasty working-class folk hangin' about-- but don't worry, the new Caplansky's will be licensed and sport a patio for folk who like their feed and beer buzz al fresco.

Now to be fair I love Caplansky's current location, I think it's got some serious retro, 70's legion hall charm but I also know that this is a fantastic opportunity for Caplansky's to really establish itself as a destination eatery. And having spoken to Zane at length I'm confident he'll maintain a sense of tradition and It'll be a huge success.

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