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Video shows terrifyingly lawless driving in another case of Brampton road rage

Roads in and around Toronto never fail to disappoint when it comes to shocking and hectic driving, especially in Brampton, which has the highest insurance rates in Ontario and where motorists have been caught street racingfighting one another and engaging in other very questionable (not to mention, dangerous) acts.

The latest stress-inducing dashcam footage from the city comes from Highway 410 over the weekend, and stars a driver who seemed outrageously pissed off that they were passed for going just above the speed limit while in the fast lane — so peeved that they decided to swerve and stop all over the freeway, almost causing a potentially fatal accident.

In the footage, the filmer claims that the Volkswagen ahead of them was going 102 km/h in the lefthand lane, which is reserved for passing. The driver with the camera rides up pretty close behind the other vehicle to try and get them to either speed up or move over, and at one point honks to "wake them up," they explain in captions over the clip.

They eventually decide to pass the car on the righthand side — admittedly cutting the person off too closely to show disdain for their speed — at which point the slower driver becomes suddenly enraged, speeding up and veering over the striped buffer zone into the HOV lane.

The camera, now filming from the rear of the car, shows our driver moving one lane to the right to get away from their new nemesis, who follows.

The Volkswagen passes out of the HOV lane and over two more to brake check the dashcam driver, coming near a stop right in front of them, and even swerving to the left at the same time as the other car does. The filmer notes that they believe this was an intentional move to hit them as they veered to the left and into the HOV lane themselves to avoid collision.

After the near-crash, the other car backs off, slowing down and moving to the righthand lane — but not before the filmer nabs their license plate and posts it for all to see.

Given that it could be argued both drivers were behaving badly in the recording, thousands of comments calling either (or both) out have flooded socials.

While a few say that the POV driver shouldn't have been tailgating, honking their horn or cutting the other road user off, most underscore that the fast lane is "a passing lane, not a chilling lane" and that slower traffic needs to keep to the right, or else pose a danger to everyone around them.

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