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Video of Brampton road rage shows driver physically attack man as her car rolls away

Another day, another bananas road rage incident caught on film in Brampton, this one escalating to an attempted physical altercation in an incident that viewers are calling typical for the city's notoriously hectic streets.

More than 155,000 people have watched one version of the viral minute-long clip on Twitter alone in just 24 hours, and, of course, having a riot poking fun at the instigator depicted in all her glory, as well as the Toronto-area city and the reputation of its drivers.

It appears that the filmer took out his phone to film a woman after the two were involved in some sort of minor collision. When she notices that she is being filmed, she rips off her seatbelt to exit the vehicle and confront him, and the circus begins.

"Ain't no way bro," the person behind the camera says as the other driver bursts out of the driver's seat of her car in an unnamed parking lot.

"Why are you filming me?" she asks, panicked, running and lunging with an angry expression at the camera.

"Why are you leaving?" he asks, suggesting she had been attempting to drive away from the scene of the fender bender before the video began.

He then repeats "don't do that," as she continues to try to approach him and swipe the phone from his hand, adding "What are you doing? Don't touch me, don't come near me."

Then comes the part of the video that people are finding the most entertaining.

In her haste, the woman had apparently forgotten to put her white Toyota SUV (with vanity plates, one might add) into park. 

"Your car is going, hop in and stop it," the man tells the woman, who had actually fallen to the ground in front of the car before it started rolling, almost right over her.

After she manages to halt the moving vehicle, she says she is calling the police, to which the filmer responds "That's good, call them. 'Cause you can't just leave the scene after you hit me, I'm trying to get your information."

But right after she turns her back and looks to be calming down, the accused suddenly runs back toward the filmer at full speed, though he gets away, laughing and asking "What are you doing, are you serious?!"

The woman then gives up and walks away, still holding her phone to her ear as the footage ends.

While many are wondering how the woman and drivers like her were able to get a licence, others are noting that there is no visible damage to either vehicle in the clip, and that with her licence plate number, the man could have handled the disagreement privately.

Being far from the only wild video of drivers from the area posted to social media in recent memory or even the last day, people are chiming in to speculate that such events are why auto insurance rates in Brampton are so high (they are the highest in Canada, in fact) and why the response to 911 calls takes so long there.

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