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Seriously weird road rage incident captured on camera in Brampton

Anyone who commutes in or around the Greater Toronto Area knows that aggressive driving is par for the course when traffic gets sticky.

Most of the time, road rage manifests in the form of angry honks, middle fingers or insults shouted through cracked car windows, but people do sometimes take these kind of spats to the next level — and it always starts the exact same way: with someone hopping out of a car.

A local Tesla driver (who has asked to remain anonymous for privacy and security reasons) shared a video clip with blogTO on Monday morning of an encounter they experienced over the weekend involving a very dangerous motorist.

The driver tells blogTO that they and their husband were in the Steeles Avenue West and Mississauga Road area on Saturday, March 19, shortly after 5 p.m., when they noticed a car some ways behind weaving in and out of traffic.

Clips from the Tesla's multiple dashcams show a white GMC Yukon Denali overtaking other cars at a rate much faster than traffic, tailgating vehicles at times and even running a red light at one point.

The videos have no sound, but the driver of the Tesla says the man in the Denali kept trailing in their blind spot while all the lanes were jammed up.

"I guess he must have been in a rush or something," they said. "He just dashed from behind, cutting lanes. You can see how he cut in front of the other cars. He tried to cut in front of us as well, but it was red light ahead and there was not enough room."

So, as the Denali tried to squeeze through from one lane to the next, the Tesla's collission warning started beeping. Worried, the Tesla pulled over to the left lane to avoid the apparent obstacle. The angry man couldn't fit through.

"He got so mad and stepped out of the car," said the Tesla driver, noting that they feared the man might have a gun. "We were so frightened as we didn't know what he would try to do."

The couple couldn't understand what the man was saying, but he appeared irate.

Fortunately, after lobbing a spooky death stare, the aggressive driver got back into his vehicle and sped away. 

"This is why Brampton insurance is so high! Thanks to aggressive drivers like this," said the driver who sent in the clip.

The incident has been reported to Peel Regional Police, who have yet to comment on the matter.

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