high park cherry blossoms 2023

High Park cherry blossoms in Toronto expected to reach peak bloom before end of month

Cherry blossoms at High Park in Toronto are expected to blossom earlier than usual this spring, with peak bloom for 2023 now anticipated by the end of April.

According to the latest update from Sakura Watch posted this weekend, nearly all of the trees within the park are showing "brilliant green tips and well-formed buds", meaning they are well into their second stage of development.

At this rate coupled with warmer temperatures forecasted for the coming weeks, this year's Sakura Cherry Blossom bloom is predicted somewhere between April 23 - 30.

"These dates may change if the weather gets cold enough again to slow the tree’s progress, but all signs are pointing to an earlier-than-normal bloom," the blog post reads.

With cherry blossom flowers typically only lasting between 5-10 days before they begin to fall off the trees, the window of time to view them is very short. Hence, the crowds in High Park can get quite large and chaotic all at once, particularly during the weekends.

While photographing the iconic pink flowers in High Park every spring has become something of a Toronto tradition, there are plenty of other less-crowded destinations to see cherry blossom trees.

Trinity Bellwoods, the Port Lands, Birkdale Ravine, Centennial Park, Broadacres Park, and Robarts Library will also have beautiful blooms to experience, away from the masses in High Park.

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