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You can now take a self-defence course designed to fend off attacks on the TTC

Toronto's public transit system sure feels like it's spiralling out of control with criminal activity over the past year, and incidents like that shocking subway-pushing incident, a woman fatally set ablaze on a bus, swarmings, and stabbings have riders on edge.

No meaningful action has been taken to address the underlying mental health crisis in Toronto, and local politicians have reacted by trying and failing to curb crime, with a handful of cops racking up $1.7 million in monthly overtime costs.

The end of this increased policing experiment means riders are less likely to have an armed cop stand between them and danger, but one company is framing the increase in TTC crime as an opportunity to learn some self-defence skills.

An upcoming workshop hosted at FIIT Co by Toronto Krav Maga Academy and Kombat Arts Training Academy will offer participants the chance to learn Krav Maga in enclosed transit-like settings through a course titled "Self Defense on public transit: Elite self defense for the every day citizen."

The course introduction frames the class around ongoing criminal activity on the TTC, and offers riders a way to feel safer amid increasingly chaotic commutes.

"It's no secret that people don't feel safe on public transit," the course intro reads. "And why should they? Nearly every day, the headlines cover news stories of brutal and random attacks happening on buses and subways, perpetrated against innocent civilians at random."

"However, techniques to survive and get to safety exist and can save your life, or the lives of your loved ones."

Toronto Krav Maga Academy and Kombat Arts Training Academy calls the course a "response to a call from the community to provide training for violence on public transit," with a mission statement to "want to make sure you, your kids and your loved ones know what to do if faced with an attacker on public transit."

The April 2 seminar will include scenarios based on some of the recent transit attacks to make headlines, teaching participants how to respond to subway pushings, striking and weapon attacks, and other forms of assault.

Originally conceived by the Israeli military, Krav Maga (which translates to "contact combat" in Hebrew) is a self-defence system now practiced globally by law enforcement and civilians and can be taught to anyone regardless of age, size, or previous martial arts experience.

The workshop is being hosted at FIIT Co, at 1047 Gerrard St. East on Sunday, April 2nd, 2023, from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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