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Wave of violent incidents has people in Toronto freaked out about riding the TTC

Gas prices are through the roof, and traffic is an absolute nightmare. And while the TTC touts itself as the supposed "better way" to get around Toronto, a recent rash of violent incidents on the system has people wary about taking public transit.

There have been too many incidents in 2022 to list, but it was a terrifying subway pushing back in April that really got people talking about ramping up safety measures on public transit. A $1 million lawsuit against the transit agency, where the TTC claimed the victim was standing too close to the platform's edge, only underscored the danger.

The subway pushing seemed about as bad as the situation could get until last week when Toronto transit made headlines worldwide after a man set a woman on fire near Kipling Station in what police allege was a hate-motivated attack.

Understandably, this latest incident has people a bit on edge about using public transit. One person is apparently even reconsidering a move to the city.

What first felt like a wave of violence is now being referred to as an epidemic.

As with calls for platform barrier doors after the pushing incident in April, riders have been increasingly vocal in demanding enhanced security and patrols.

The TTC has acknowledged some of these requests on social media, admitting it does not have the resources to have special constables patrolling all stations.

And it's not just people talking. Evidence suggests that violence is a growing problem on the TTC, and data compiled over the last decade indicates a several-fold increase in incidents on the transit system.

Increased crime on public transit is apparently not a Toronto-specific problem. New York City's public transit network recorded a recent 65 per cent spike in crime, while similar upticks in public transit crime have been recorded in Edmonton and Minneapolis, to name a few.

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