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Graph showing years of TTC security incidents highlights rising danger on public transit

A rash of terrifying incidents and violent attacks on the TTC has public transit users in Toronto on edge lately.

Between seemingly random subway pushing attacks and an increased police presence on transit routes, there's a lot of talk about the deteriorating safety situation on public transit, and data seems to back up the concerns of the public.

The dramatic increase in security incidents on public transit in Toronto captured the attention of Reddit user SCIDmouse, a self-described aspiring data analyst.

SCIDmouse plotted out every TTC security incident report posted on the TTCnotices Twitter account spanning from April 2022 all the way back to February 2013, and the results seem to align with suspicions that something is terribly wrong on the TTC.

Describing his methodology in a Reddit post, the poster explains that they scraped roughly 150,000 tweets and filtered them for security incident announcements, pulling just shy of 3,000 posts to create the resulting graph.

Admitting to blogTO that he's not a professional, he says that"the goal was to put some of my work out there to get feedback so I can improve and expand my skills in data analysis. I'm not sure what TTC classifies as a security incident, so it can be hard to interpret the meaning behind it."

Watching the animated graph play out is alarming, to say the least, with numbers in the range of between just a handful and around two dozen incidents per month in the early tracking period, escalating several-fold to 156 incidents in April 2022.

The rate of incidents has had its ebbs and flows in that time, but since mid-2018, it appears that the trendline has been moving upward at an astronomical pace.

The sharpest increase in incidents has occurred in the over two years since the first emergency mandates were imposed. Contrary to the logic that fewer transit riders would mean fewer incidents, the lockdowns only seemed to exacerbate an already growing issue with transit safety.

The creator of the graph admits that there may be other limitations to his methodology, as this is really just a side project of his, but it's still some shocking data supporting observations that the TTC is exponentially more dangerous than it was just a few short years ago.

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