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TTC riders call for barrier doors after woman pushed onto subway tracks

There are renewed calls for the addition of platform screen doors at TTC stations this week after yet another terrifying incident at track level took place, with a woman narrowly escaping death at the city's busiest stop on Sunday night.

The commuter was randomly shoved in front of an approaching train at Bloor-Yonge subway station around 9 p.m., and though she remained on the tracks as the vehicle passed over her, she was able to avoid actually getting hit.

Toronto police say in a release that the 39-year-old sustained injuries from the fall and was taken to hospital in serious but stable condition. Meanwhile the woman who pushed her, who is now wanted for attempted murder, fled the scene.

Between these such attacks — of which there have been more than one in recent months — suicide attempts, accidental falls and people going onto the tracks willingly for dangerous stunts and TikTok videos, some feel that Toronto should follow the lead of locales like Copenhagen, Paris, and major Chinese cities in installing barrier doors across the TTC system.

It seems like a pretty simple and logical solution that shouldn't take too long to implement, and it is something that the city has seriously taken into consideration before. Toronto already has such doors at Pearson Airport for the UP Express and terminal-link trains.

But cost is definitely a factor: it was estimated that such doors for our subway system would cost around $1.35 billion, none of which is funded.

There is also a massive expansion and improvement of Bloor-Yonge station already in the works to help reduce congestion.

And, the TTC has said that crimes like the one that just took place are incredibly rare.

The last person killed after being pushed onto the tracks was in 2018 and before that, in 1997, though there have been other such events that did not result in death.

There have also been a spate of other types of random attacks on the TTC in recent memory, including a terrifying random stabbing on a 501 Queen bus in January.

Some also note that along with doors on platforms, a roster of subway door guards and/or additional staffers on platforms could help remedy such risks to public safety.

The perpetrator in Sunday's crime is a blonde woman of average build who was seen wearing a large grey Levi's shirt, black puffer coat, black pants, white shoes and a pink and grey knit toque.

Local authorities released her photo, captured by security cameras, on Monday morning.

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