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Toronto Police stop sending additional overtime cops to patrol TTC

The Toronto Police Service has just announced that it will no longer deploy extra cops in an overtime capacity to continue monitoring the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).

It was a little over a month ago when 80 officers were sent to the TTC after several high-profile and violent incidents, but those officers will no longer be deployed.

According to a news release from the force, only on-duty officers will be sent to patrol the transit system.

"TPS will now return to primarily deploying on-duty officers in the transit system and incorporating those proactive patrols within regular operational work. TPS, in collaboration with the City of Toronto and the TTC, responsible for safety on transit, will continue to assess public safety needs on an ongoing basis. Additional support with police callback shifts will resume if deemed necessary," read the news release.

Since the TTC requested a temporary increase in police officers, a scalable deployment of additional officers supported by callback shifts is alleged to have made 220 referrals to individuals requiring social assistance and over 300 arrests.

This new move does not mean cops won't be present on the subway or streetcar lines. It just means there won't be a higher-than-normal presence.

"Deployment of police officers remains intelligence-led and the number of officers in the system will vary based on time of day, occurrences and issues identified by the TTC and TPS divisions."

Officers will patrol during periods "that typically generate the most calls for service," and when there are many riders, according to Chief of Police Myron Demkiw.

The release said this temporary influx of officers "ensured a balanced approach between social supports and security."

"TPS, in collaboration with the TTC and the City of Toronto, will continue to assess the situation while providing support when needed and in response to calls as part of a larger overall approach to addressing safety issues on the TTC," finished the release.

Of course, not everybody approved this decision and cited other cities and data that said police presence did not make subways safer.

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