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People are already criticizing the increased police presence on the TTC

In response to the recent spike in violent crimes on the TTC, the Toronto Police Service announced on Thursday that there will be an increased presence of officers throughout the city's transit system on a daily basis.

Chief Myron Demkiw announced the plan, which aims to have up to 80 police officers in place throughout the transit system every day. 

"These deployments will focus on reducing victimization, preventing crimes of opportunity and enhancing public safety," he said.  "Given this, our deployments will be dynamic and may change from day-to-day."

However, many people have been quick to criticize the new plan, attributing the recent rise in violence to lack of mental health support and inadequate housing in the city instead. 

Even Premier Doug Ford was critical of the plan, calling it a "Band-Aid solution" in an unrelated press conference on Friday. 

Following the announcement, the Toronto Police Service began to regularly post pictures of officers stationed throughout the transit system on their social media pages. 

However, some people called the plan a "quick fix" and are calling for more resources dedicated to mental healthcare, reduction services, public washrooms, and warming centres. 

Another person suggested that the same amount of money spent on increased policing could be redirected towards educational support and poverty reduction instead. 

Some people even claimed the photos look "staged" and were taken as a "PR opportunity." 

Others suggested that increased policing on the TTC will make some individuals, particularly Black and Indigenous folks, feel less safe. 

One person stated that the increased presence of police officers "will not improve the safety of transit" and the "same issues leading to violence" will remain. 

Among those who were critical of the plan, many used the term "Band-Aid solution" to describe the initiative. 

Mayor John Tory said on Thursday that deploying more police officers in the transit system during a time of anxiety is simply "the right thing to do."

"Some have been critical of these initiatives, and critical of increased investments in the police service, but they were right at the first time when I announced them, and they are still a necessary part of the safety answers for today and for tomorrow," Tory said. 

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