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TTC rider turns heads with hilarious homemade safety suit

It's becoming more common for people to avoid public transit in Toronto, where riders are regularly stabbed in the face, pushed onto subway tracks, swarmed by vicious teens or otherwise violently attacked by strangers while going about their commutes.

Neither the TTC nor The Toronto Police Service have been able to quell the recent wave of violence afflicting Toronto's public transit system — at least not to the point where people aren't being assaulted every single day — and those who need the system to get around are growing increasingly frustrated.

One local resident appears to have decided that enough is enough. Why avoid the bus completely when you can simply craft up a DIY protective suit to prevent face slashing?

Diana Simonicova was riding the TTC's 68 bus near Warden Avenue and Ellesmere Road on Valentine's Day when she spotted the individual in question.

"It was very funny to see something like that," she tells blogTO of the person's makeshift safety gear, part of which appears to be a hemlet fashioned from a black and orange traffic barrel.

Simonicova sent the clip to Toronto's 6ixbuzzTV, which published it last Wednesday, attracting comments like "MAN PREPARED" and "Yeah why not? There's people slicing other passengers faces so better be safe than sorry."

It's not clear who the person is or how they fashioned a construction cone into a legit protective covering, but the "why" seems pretty obvious, given Toronto's current situation.

An alarming series of bizarre and unprovoked assaults have taken place on TTC vehicles and at stations in recent years, some of them proving fatal or life-altering for victims.

In June of 2022, a 28-year-old woman was lit on fire by a man she did not know at Kipling Station and later died in hospital. Police said the incident was random.

In December of 2022, a 31-year-old woman was fatally stabbed aboard a train at High Park subway station — one of two victims who were said to be randomly attacked by a 52-year-old stranger at the time.

Even more recently, six people were attacked with a weapon by a single female suspect while riding TTC's busy Yonge–University line during the morning commute. The bloody aftermath was captured on camera.

Police announced at the end of January that they would deploy 80 additional officers to patrol the system on a daily basis, all of them off-duty cops working overtime, but violence persists.

To its credit, the transit agency itself has many safety features and programs in place to deter violence and help victims get in immediate contact with emergency services.

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Diana Simonicova

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