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Toronto police finally reveal crucial bit of info about woman set on fire at Kipling Station

It's been nearly a month since a TTC rider was randomly set ablaze at Kipling Station, and Toronto police have finally revealed her identity roughly a week after she passed away in hospital from her injuries.

It was shortly after midday on June 17 when the 28-year-old caregiver, who we now know is Torontonian Nyima Dolma, was approached by a random man while waiting on a bus idling at the station.

The suspect, 33-year-old Tenzin Norbu, then poured an accelerant on the young woman, lit her on fire and fled the scene. Despite help from bystanders, she suffered full thickness burns and was put on life support in critical condition.

Norbu now faces upgraded charges of first-degree murder, announced by police on Monday evening. They've also revealed that there was no connection between the the two people, making the assault all that more terrifying amid a rash of similar random incidents of violence on the city's public transit.

Between this, the woman who was pushed onto the subway tracks at Bloor Station in April, and the international student who was shot and killed at Sherbourne Station that same month — among other such shocking events — residents have been rightfully apprehensive about riding the rocket.

Just last week, yet another woman was assaulted at Kipling Station in particular, knocked to the ground and rendered unconscious by, yet again, a random man unknown to her.

On the GoFundMe page launched for Dolma, set up just days before her death, her sister described her as "a caregiver who has lived a life of service to others."

The victim's family has thanked the public for their outpouring of kindness but is asking for privacy at this time.

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