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Here is the latest update on the woman who was brutally set on fire at a TTC station

A GoFundMe for the Toronto woman who was set ablaze while on a TTC bus idling at Kipling station last month was just launched by the sister of the victim, who has also provided some further insight into her condition after the terrifying incident.

It was midday on Friday, June 17, when a half-dressed man boarded the bus, threw an accelerant on the 20-something woman and lit her on fire before fleeing the scene.

The random attack sent shockwaves through the city as yet another instance of violence on the city's public transit in recent weeks.

While the perpetrator, 33-year-old Tenzin Norbu, was apprehended and charged with attempted murder and assault with a weapon, among other things, the woman is still facing a lengthy and difficult road to recovery after being left with what police called "life-threatening and life-altering" injuries.

On the page for the fundraiser, launched over the weekend, it states that the victim is currently suffering from full thickness burns, and remains in critical condition on life support.

She also gives more details about the victim, who worked as a home carer.

"My sister is a caregiver who has lived a life of service to others," her sister Dawa writes.

"At this point, we really need support from all of you on her long journey ahead. Please help us with what you can and pray with us for her recovery."

Thus far, the campaign has raised some $3,600 of a $25,000 goal, but is sure to garner more as it circulates given the profile and tragic nature of the story.

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