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Two Toronto drivers busted speeding 10 different times each in the exact same spot

Motorists get up to some pretty crazy antics in and around Toronto, whether it be falling asleep at the wheel, going three times the speed limit or letting a friend hitch a ride in the back of a packed moving truck.

Though stunt driving is a whole other beast in the region — shooting fireworks out the window while doing donuts among those recent shenanigans — everyday drivers are regularly getting caught simply being irresponsible behind the wheel, most commonly, of course, for speeding.

While one hefty ticket is usually enough for someone to learn their lesson, it seems that a few people just don't get the message — including two who were recently caught speeding a whopping 10 separate times in the span of just one month, and in the same exact places, no less.

The City has been using fancy new Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) cameras to nab drivers at certain problem spots, moving the equipment around to new addresses every few months to keep drivers on their toes.

Tens of thousands of speeders have been caught since the program started, with 24,587 fines issued thanks to the cameras in June and another 18,825 in July of this year alone, according to data released on Tuesday.

Also in the data was the hilarious point about the most frequent offenders, of which there were somehow 2,546 across the two months.

In July, there were two "frequent repeat offenders" who each received six tickets in four weeks at the same spots: one on Denison Avenue south of Grange Avenue in Spadina—Fort York just by Kensington Market, and another on Stilecroft Drive west of Sharpecroft Boulevard in York Centre.

But the month prior, the frequent repeat offenders were even more embarrassing, with two getting busted the aforementioned 10 times each, both by the same cameras in the same locations.

The first driver received their 10 fines on Stilecroft Drive west of Sharpecroft Boulevard in York Centre (clearly a particularly bad area for speeding), and the other, on Park Lane Circle east of Glenorchy Road in Don Valley West — which happens to be on Drake's street, if we want to make any guesses about who it may have been.

The cameras are now in their fifth round of positions to nab people going over the limit, and the areas are publicly available if you want to take a look at where you're most likely to get caught. (The worst spot in the last two months has been Parkside Drive south of Algonquin Avenue in Parkdale-High Park).

It seems that people zooming past the same ASE devices far too many times in a row is also a common occurrence, so don't be one of them.

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Jeremy Gilbert

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