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Here are all the spots where you're most likely to get caught on camera speeding in Toronto

The City of Toronto has been busting tens of thousands of speeding drivers per month through its new Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) camera initiative, with a whopping 34,152 tickets issued in April and another 20,052 in May alone based on data released this week.

While the hulking grey boxes (and the warning signs telling drivers they're coming or in use) have actually caused people to slow down on city streets, but there are still thousands of repeat offenders caught, with certain areas proving to be particularly problematic.

The cameras are moved around every few months, and in this last round, the locations of Parkside Drive south of Algonquin Avenue (Parkdale-High Park) and Mill Road north of Burnhamthorpe Road (Etobicoke Centre) were the most troublesome spots where motorists were fined most often.

Sites are chosen based on data showing where speeding and collisions are most common, as well as in community safety zones. As with red-light cameras, tickets are automatically issued in the mail to offenders.

In this latest, fifth round of the program, the cameras can be found at the following spots (which the city have mapped out online, too):

  • Antrim Cres. near 11 Antrim Cres. (Scarborough Centre)
  • Brant St. south of Adelaide St. W. (Spadina-Fort York)
  • Brenyon Way near 200 Brenyon Way (Scarborough-Rouge Park)
  • Carlton St. near Homewood Ave. (Toronto Centre)
  • Churchill Ave. west of Abbotsford Rd. (Willowdale)
  • Corvette Ave. near Cleta Dr. (Scarborough Southwest)
  • Cosburn Ave. near Roosevelt Rd. (Toronto-Danforth)
  • Danforth Ave. east of Birchmount Rd. (Scarborough Southwest)
  • Denison Ave. south of Grange Ave. (Spadina-Fort York)
  • Don Mills Rd. south of Freshmeadow Dr. (Don Valley North)
  • The Donway E. north of Greenland Rd. (Don Valley East)
  • The Donway W. near Duncairn Rd. (Don Valley East)
  • Dufferin St. north of Stanstead Dr. (York Centre)
  • Dufferin St. south of Claver Ave. (Eglinton-Lawrence)
  • Dufferin St. south of Dufferin Park Ave. (Davenport)
  • Dunmurray Blvd. near Groomsport Cres. (Scarborough-Agincourt)
  • The East Mall south of Faludon Court (Etobicoke-Lakeshore)
  • Finch Ave. E. near Manorcrest Dr. (Willowdale)
  • Galloway Rd. near Coronation Dr. (Scarborough-Guildwood)
  • Gary Dr. near Deerhurst Ave. (York South-Weston)
  • Kingston Rd. near Glen Manor Dr. (Beaches-East York)
  • Manning Ave. south of Lennox St. (University-Rosedale)
  • Martin Grove Rd. north of Rampart Rd. (Etobicoke North)
  • McNicoll Ave. near Sexton Cres. (Don Valley North)
  • Mill Rd. north of Burnhamthorpe Rd. (Etobicoke Centre)
  • Morningside Ave. near Warnsworth St. (Scarborough-Guildwood)
  • O'Connor Dr. West of Lankin Blvd. (Toronto-Danforth)
  • Old Finch Ave. west of Littles Rd. (Scarborough-Rouge Park) 
  • Orfus Rd. west of Dufferin St. (Eglinton-Lawrence)
  • Ourland Ave. near Merriday St. (Etobicoke-Lakeshore)
  • Park Lane Circle near 60 Park Lane Circle (Don Valley West)
  • Parkside Dr. south of Algonquin Ave. (Parkdale-High Park)
  • Pharmacy Ave. near 2300 Pharmacy Ave. (Scarborough-Agincourt)
  • Pharmacy Ave. north of Sherwood Ave. (Scarborough Centre)
  • Redgrave Dr. west of Martin Grove Rd. (Etobicoke North)
  • Rogers Rd. near 382 Rogers Rd. (Davenport)
  • Royal York Rd. north of La Rose Ave. (Etobicoke Centre)
  • Runnymede Rd. north of Colbeck St. (Parkdale-High Park)
  • Sandhurst Circle north of Finch Ave. E. (Scarborough North)
  • Seasons Dr. east of Oasis Blvd. (Scarborough North)
  • Scarlett Rd. south of Ellins Ave. (York South-Weston)
  • Shuter St. east of Sackville St. (Toronto Centre)
  • Spadina Ave. south of Bloor St. W. (University-Rosedale)
  • Spenvalley Dr. near Whitbread Cres. (Humber River-Black Creek)
  • St. Clair Ave. E. west of Marilyn Cres. (Beaches-East York)
  • St. Clair Ave. W. near Crang Ave. (Toronto-St. Pauls)
  • Stilecroft Dr. west of Sharpecroft Blvd. (York Centre)
  • Warren Rd. north of Lonsdale Rd. (Toronto-St. Pauls)
  • Weston Rd. near Coronado Court (Humber River-Black Creek)
  • York Mills Rd. west of Banbury Rd. (Don Valley West)


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