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Tesla driver allegedly caught sleeping while car drives itself along Ontario highway

The future is here y'all and its very jarring.

Tesla's self-driving cars have been a feature on roadways across the globe for some time now. But spotting one barrelling down the highway while its driver is asleep behind the wheel is always a sight to behold, however scary.

This is exactly what happened this morning when a passenger captured a man appearing to be asleep behind the wheel of his self-driving Tesla on the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW), I believe near St. Catharine's.

The car's "driver" is seen reclined back in his seat, allegedly catching a few Z's while his Tesla does the road maneuvering for him. 

His hands are definietly not on the wheel. 

Scary or cool? This situation straddles both sides.

There are currently no laws saying operating a Tesla in full-self driving mode is illegal, but it appears that sleeping behind the wheel is a different scenario.

In 2019 a driver in Alberta was spotted in this exact same situation, allegedly sleeping behind the wheel of his Tesla.

That man was charged with dangerous driving and is also alleged to have been speeding, as his vehicle was said to have climbed over 140 km/h.

That same year in Saskatchewan, the Minister for the province's Government Insurance Joe Hargrave said Tesla's self-driving feature (autopilot) is "definitely now allowed" in the province.

Just recently, a new bill in California, which if signed by Governor Gavin Newsom, would force car manufacturers to stop marketing their cars with the term "full self driving model," which some say gives drivers the notion of a "false sense of security," according to Business Insider.

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