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Police bust Lamborghini driver going almost three times the speed limit near Toronto

People driving Lamborghinis in and around Toronto seem to get into all sorts of trouble in their very fast (and expensive) automobiles: crashing and rolling onto lawns, racking up tens of thousands in rental bills and, naturally, going faster than anyone else on local highways.

When it comes to speeding, one driver may have set a new record for Lambo douchiness after being caught going almost a whopping three times the speed limit, not even on a highway, but on a multi-lane roadway just north of Toronto.

York Regional Police clocked the motorist, who appeared to be operating a white Aventador that is worth upwards of $500,000 new, going 170 km/h in a 60 km/h zone along Highway 7 near Keele Street in Vaughan in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

Of course, the individual behind the wheel was slapped with a stunt driving charge, which comes with a 30-day licence suspension. The pricey purchase will also be impounded for 14 days.

"This incident occurred on the stretch of roadway with the highest number of collisions annually in our region," the force noted on Twitter.

"Speed can kill. So no, we never get tired of yanking stunt drivers off our roads."

There was a huge uptick in instances of stunt driving, street racing and other risky driving behaviours over the course of lockdown — to the point that authorities vowed to crack down on it — with residents absolutely livid over the noisy, dangerous antics of drivers exactly like these.

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