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Ontario driver faces $18K bill for Lamborghini rental after being busted speeding

If you're driving a rental car, it's probably best to try and follow the rules of the road even more carefully than usual, given that the vehicle isn't yours and all.

If not, an accident — or even a speeding ticket — could leave you facing tens of thousands of dollars more in costs that it would have, had you been in your own vehicle.

This is the lesson that one resident of London, Ontario, learned the hard way this week after they decided to go cruising in an ostentatious lime green Lamborghini at more than double the listed speed limit.

After being busted by Peel Regional Police for going 122 km/h in a 60 km/h zone in Brampton, the driver was ticketed and the sports car — which looks to be a Lambo Huracan worth upwards of $260,000 U.S. — was impounded.

The 28-year-old renter will now have to pay the rental fee for an additional 14 days as the car sits in impoundment, which authorties estimate will cost them a cool $18,000 once it is finally returned.

The force's social media post on the topic has garnered dozens of comments, largely from people who think the driver deserved the steep and unforeseen punishment, especially when stunt driving and drag racing are such huge issues in the GTA as of late — something that local police have vowed to crack down further on.

"I will never understand why we build incognito race cars, describe as sports cars, and that ALL vehicles manufactured are capable of extremely dangerous speeds. Where does the average sheeple think they are going to fly down the roads?" one citizen aptly stated on Twitter.

"Hopefully the driver will learn roads are for driving... If you want excitement, get on a rollercoaster!!!" another chimed.

With new, harsher penalties for such antics and examples like this one, hopefully such drivers will fight whatever strange urge they seem to perpetually have to loudly blast down city streets and not only annoy everyone around them, but put themselves and others in grave danger.

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