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Toronto Police bust Lamborghini driver going 203 km/h on the DVP

A Toronto motorist spent the very first day of 2021 putting lives in danger and paying the price for it, according to police. 

TPS detective constable Scott Matthews said a 25-year-old class G2 driver in a yellow Lamborghini SUV was caught travelling at a dangerous speed of more than 200 km/h on Friday, Jan. 1. 

Matthews shared a photo of the Lamborghini on Twitter, and he said police stopped the motorist for going 203 km/h in a 90 km/h zone on the Don Valley Parkway.

Following the traffic stop, the driver was charged under the Criminal Code for Dangerous Operation as well as Stunt Driving, according to Matthews. 

He also lost his vehicle and his driver's licence for seven days. 

And while some Twitter users have expressed frustration and disappointment that the vehicle and licence have been suspended for just seven days following such a dangerous stunt, it's important to note that if convicted under the Criminal Code, the motorist could face steep fines, further driving suspensions and even possible jail time.

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Scott Matthews

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