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Petition demanding CTV reinstate Lisa LaFlamme reaches record high

The support for Lisa LaFlamme hasn't stopped and in fact, continues to grow with each passing day.

A perfect example of this is a petition signed by thousands of people who are demanding LaFlamme be reinstated as the nightly anchor on CTV News National.

Started more than two weeks ago by user Miles MacMillan, the petition has roughly 202,000 signatures and climbing each minute.

"Lisa LaFlamme has been with CTV for the past 35 years and has become the most trusted voice in national news for many Canadians such as myself," read part of MacMillan's reasoning for starting the petition.

"I think Bell Media is making a huge mistake by taking Lisa LaFlamme off of the air and I think they need to reconsider this decision and reinstate her as Chief News Anchor. I am asking everyone who agrees with me to please sign this petition."

The petition's goal is to reach at least 300,000 signatures, when it will then be featured on the top of's webpage.

Though it is highly unlikely that the petition will do anything to change the situation - LaFlamme's replacement Omar Sachedina has already taken over the gig - it just goes to show how many people are still angry.

Roughly a month ago it was announced that LaFlamme would not return as the nightly anchor, a position she's held since 2011.

It came as a shock to both CTV viewers and LaFlamme herself, who released a video saying she was "blindsided" by the decision.

That video has been watched over 4 million times since it was shared on Aug. 15. 

The following weeks have seen rigorous debate regarding women's place in the workplace, specifically for those older than 50-years-old and those who choose to let their hair go naturally grey.

It is widely believed LaFlamme's decision to keep her locks in their natural state did not sit well with upper management at Bell Media, though the company vehemently denies this was the reason her contract wasn't renewed.

Comments on the petition show just how angry Canadians are, including one with over 400 'likes', that reads, "Bell, Let's Talk…about what a jerk move booting Lisa is!"

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The Coalition for Women in Journalism

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