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Wendy's Canada goes grey in support of Lisa LaFlamme

Wendy's Canada is the latest company to show support for beloved and respected journalist Lisa LaFlamme after she was dropped as CTV News nightly anchor last week.

Backlash was immediately casted at CTV News after it was anonymously revealed LaFlamme's decision to not continue dying her hair and letting it grey naturally was a point of contention with management.

Though CTV denies LaFlamme's follicles were not the reason for her departure, many people across Canada, specifically older women, have called out workplace sexism and ageism.

And now, Wendy's Canada has followed suit.

Just a few hours ago, Wendy's shared a post to their Twitter account with caption "because a [star emoji] is a [star emoji] regardless of hair colour," with the hashtags #LisaLaFlamme and #NewProfilePic.

The photo shows the iconic Wendy character complete with grey braids, a sign of solidarity.

Comments on the post show a wide range of approval from Canadians, with one commenter stating that in 2022 Wendy would actually have grey hair now too. 

This move from Wendy's comes after Dove Canada released a campaign a few days ago encouraging people to change their profile picture to a grey hue to bring attention to ageism in the corporate world.

But unlike Dove, who didn't make any name mention and says the campaign is not "targeted" at Bell Media, Wendy's actually drops LaFlamme's name.

But this PR campaign leaves me with a couple questions: Will this be a permanent logo change? What does Wendy's have to gain for showing support?

Does this actually help LaFlamme at all besides drawing more attention to her extremely unfair situation? Are Son of Baconator sales going to skyrocket in Canada?

"Wendy’s night in Canada!" Read one tweet response.

Just like with Dove, people on social media are asking if Wendy's have removed their advertising from Bell Media - a move that might actually hold more weight and outcome.

Either way you look at it, one can argue Wendy's is doing a lot more than certain companies to support and is showing the nation how good PR can work. 

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Wendy's Canada

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