dc presto card

Here's how to get a Presto card featuring your favourite superhero in Toronto

You can now ride transit with a Presto card sporting the likeness of your favourite superhero (or villain). Unless you're one of those Marvel people. Ugh.

Metrolinx has partnered up with Fan Expo Canada, Warner Bros. and DC for a line of collectable Presto cards featuring comic book legends like Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and the Joker.

dc presto card

The DC character-themed, limited-edition transit cards — only 5,000 will be available — can be found exclusively at Metrolinx's booth at Fan Expo Canada during its run from Aug 25 through 28 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Collectors can choose from five different designs created by four renowned DC artists: Jason Fabok, Tim Sale, Yanick Paquette and Gary Frank.

Unlike fancy stainless steel engraved Presto cards and other one-off designs or promotions that give out thousands of free cards to commuters, this marketing move is hyper-focused on only the most dedicated collectors.

The cards will be available for $35 plus tax, but that's only after you spend a minimum $37 single-day admission fee (the cheapest admission available) for the festival.

And that's before you factor in the transit fare of even getting to the event.

So at that point, you'd be paying over $75 for a Presto card that functions exactly the same as the $6 card already in your wallet.

But superheroes will almost certainly be enough to sweeten the deal for many crazed fans.

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