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Someone in Toronto met both Drake and Adam Sandler on the same day

Lots of people have been spotting Adam Sandler around Toronto lately, and catching a glimpse of Drake around here is hardly a rarity, but there are few people who can say they met both celebs on the exact same day.

However, that's truly what happened to one family on a night out in Yorkville.

Adam Sandler has already been seen in the neighbourhood before, in town for the casting and filming of a new Netflix project. Yorkville is known as a ritzy neighbourhood where you can spy on celebs (especially during TIFF) so it's no surprise Drake was hanging out there.

Shannon Shorten was out for her husband's 50th birthday with her sons on Friday night when they ran into the two celebrities.

"We were at STK for dinner then walked over to One. We saw Drake's car and were told we just missed him going in," Shorten tells blogTO.

"While we waited my older son spotted Adam walking through the patio of One. People were clapping, he was saying thank you."

She says Sandler then went into One for a bit before reemerging to once again greet his crowd of adoring fans.

"He walked in front of his people so people could interact with him," says Shorten.

"He high-fived my 11-year-old. He tapped him on his stomach and said you're a good boy, you're going to do well in school, be good."

Shorten says this was the first celebrity encounter ever for her 11-year-old.

"He couldn't have been nicer," says Shorten. "Amazing person."

Even more amazing was Shorten and her family being in the right place at the right time when Drake also walked into One that same night.

"His PA left to check out Kasa Moto first," says Shorten. "Soon after Drake and his entourage left One to go into Kasa Moto."

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Shannon Shorten

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