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Adam Sandler spotted in Toronto playing pick-up basketball with locals

The secret's out by now: Adam Sandler is in Toronto, likely because a new project he's involved in is casting and filming here.

It didn't take long during the summer casting process for people to start bumping into the noticeable celeb in the city.

People have run into him in Yorkville, and one person actually said meeting him changed her life. Now, it's possible he's changed the lives of some local basketball players who may never forget the day he tore it up on the court with them.

Someone in attendance, with the Instagram handle @ismailmehrz, shot some video of what looks to be the movie star playing with locals at a basketball court.

It certainly looks like Sandler, wearing the kind of distinctive, baggy, clashing outfit he's become known for.

"So what's the score guys?" he asks at the beginning of one of the videos, and it certainly sounds like his famous voice.

Sandler isn't too much of a hot shot in the video clips, but he does make some attempts to fake people out with some sudden, behind-the-back passes.

While you're walking around out there in Toronto, make sure you keep your eyes open: you never know who you just might bump into.

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