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Adam Sandler is in Toronto right now and people can't stop taking photos with him

Adam Sandler has been casting for a new Netflix production he's making in Toronto, and he himself has recently been spotted strolling our streets.

Ryan Emond was in Yorkville when he ran into Sandler, and of course had to take a photo with him (shown above).

Sandler seems to be rocking a small Band-Aid under his eye right now, maybe because of a real injury or just as an homage to Nelly.

He's also dressed in his typical dad-esque look that's garnered him the title of "fashion icon" with big, baggy, oversized shirts and shorts, and in the photo with Emond, a gold chain.

The Netflix production that's going to be filming in Toronto this summer is You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah! and they were looking for people ages 12 and up who identify as LGBTQ+ to be background actors.

Several people have taken to social media to express how they ran into him, and of course, had to take pics.

One person actually didn't ask but rather just took a photo of Sandler behind his back, as they were worried he was being mobbed by people wanting to take photos with him without asking first.

The main takeaway here is that people in Toronto love Adam Sandler, but if you see the man in public, at least ask him if he wants to be in a photo with you before taking a pic. 

Apparently he's really nice about it. You might just get your chance, too, as the Netflix production should be filming here in Toronto until mid-August.

Lead photo by

Ryan Emond

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