toronto stolen credit card video footage

Alleged Toronto thief caught on camera uses stolen cards for cannabis shopping spree

Here's a tip, next time you use stolen credit cards to purchase something, make sure you're not on camera.

A international student in Toronto is putting an alleged thief on blast after they were caught on camera using her stolen credit cards to purchase a sweater, vape pen and other lavish purchases.

Wai Lue Cherry Chan, who goes by Cherry and on Instagram, posted multiple surveillance reels of a woman allegedly using her misplaced credit cards across the city.

"Please help me identify this person. I dropped my cardholder and she TOOK it to make transactions with EVERY SINGLE ONE of my debit and credit bank CARDS," read the beginning of the post.

She tells her followers that she had dropped her wallet, with $60 cash, Presto card and multiple bank cards, after taking out her drivers licence while browsing at Tokyo Smoke on Yonge.

The very next morning she awoke to multiple fraud notifications from her banks. It's at this point Chan made the connection of the misplaced wallet.

She immediately raced back to the cannabis retailer and explained the situation, whose staffers thankfully supplied with her footage of a customer suspected to be the culprit.

The first set of surveillance footage shows a customer buying a $121 Burb hooded sweatshirt. The customer looks extremely nervous and constantly checks over their shoulders.

This customer is in such a hurry they don't even wait for Tokyo Smoke staff to put the sweater in a bag.

Some time later, the thief returns to the shop wearing the same Burb sweater and purchases a $40 vape pen.

Chan claims the woman made a number of other transactions as well, including a $200 haul at 7-Eleven and nearly $160 at Shoppers Drug Mart - though she doesn't have footage of it.

Chan explains the dollar amounts of the fraud transactions on her bank account and timing line up with the culprit's purchases on the video.

She posted screenshots of the fraudulent purchases on her account, which match up exactly with the receipts from Tokyo Smoke.

"Being a newcomer and an international student, I was just browsing the store with a friend and didn't expect things to turn out like this. I just want my pictures and cardholder back," Chan, who came to the city from Hong Kong, tells her followers. 

Since this unfortunate event, Chan confirms she filed a police report and has reported all the purchases.

Here's hoping she gets her money and precious photos back. 

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