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This is where to view the sunrise in Toronto according to local experts

Sunrises in Toronto are a rare sight to see if you don't know where to look. To get the lowdown on where those epic sunrise shots in your IG feed are taken I reached out to some local photographers to discover their favourite spots.

Here are some of the best spots in Toronto to view the sunrise according to local experts.

Woodbine Beach

This sandy beach in the Beaches is a beautiful spot to watch the sunrise before it gets crowded, particularly during the warmer summer months. Before interacting with fellow humans, you can sneak in some quiet time with neighbouring swans and other waterfowl. 

Bluffer's Park

This park is located next to the Scarborough Bluffs offers a lovely and tranquil view of the sunrise while sitting on the beach, with nothing but a wide vista of multi-coloured rays of sunshine above the water. 

Humber Bay Park

Located along the shores of Lake Ontario in Etobicoke, Humber Bay Park makes the city's skyline a centrepiece in the hazy pink shroud of the emerging sun. There are plenty of spots along the shoreline to sit by the rocks and take in the view. 

Sunnyside Beach 

This historic summer recreation spot south of Parkdale next to the Lake Shore used to be home to the largest swimming pool in the world known as the "tank", and still has the remains of a once iconic amusement park. You can find lots of cozy spots to capture the sunrise, taking in the view of the skyline. 

Trillium Park

This park at Ontario Place has undoubtedly some of the best views for both sunrises and sunsets. You get the feeling that you're part of a bustling city that's emerging from its sleep, as it's one of the closest parks to offer an unobstructed view of the CN Tower. 

Ireland Park

Set for a major revamp, this park that honours memories of Irish immigrants in Toronto with hopes for a new life, this waterfront area features a sunrise that casts its gentle rays on the park's bronze sculptures and massive memorial wall made exclusively with limestone from Kilkenny. 

Lead photo by

Phil Marion

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