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Toronto just set a new weather record but you wouldn't know it by going outside right now

Last year's hot and wonky weather broke a lot of long-standing Toronto records, whether it be for the most summer thunderstorms, the hottest temperature ever recorded on certain daysthe longest streak of unseasonably mild weather in the fall, or, more recently, an unusually warm December.

Looking back on 2021 as a whole, it seems that we've set yet another record: it was only the second year in recorded history that temperatures in the city stayed above - 14 C for an entire year.

That's right: there wasn't a single day last year when thermometers crept below - 13.5 C in Toronto, even on the coldest winter days (without accounting for wind chill).

The last time this happened was in 2006, when the lowest temp seen the entire year was - 13.1 C. In 2012, it was - 14.6 C.

Unfortunately for those who aren't huge fans of the cold, 2022 has brought chillier weather to the city in its first few days than 2021 did all year.

Multiple extreme cold weather alerts have been issued within the first ten days of January, while temperatures have dropped well into the negative double digits, hitting - 20 C on Monday night.

Things have also felt even colder some evenings with the wind chill — not ideal for the patio-only season we've all been forced into with the new lockdown restrictions that started on Jan. 5.

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