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Toronto just broke a heat record that stood for over 180 years but snow is coming

The planet is probably dying, making for an unusually balmy December in Toronto. So warm, in fact, that we just surpassed a heat record that has remained unbroken since record-keeping began in 1840.

Thursday's forecast called for a high of 16 C in Toronto, the highest temperature forecasted for Dec. 16 in the city's history.

And by 10 a.m., it was officially the warmest Dec. 16 ever in Toronto, the mercury reaching a pleasant 16.4 C. The record of 15.4 C set in 1984 was shattered by a full degree, and almost double the third-place high of 9 C from 1997.

By 11 a.m., the temperature had climbed even higher, reaching 17 C.

Not only is it the warmest Dec. 16 on record in Toronto, but it also ranks among the warmest ever December days. It was forecast to be the seventh-warmest December day, but it looks like it ranked much higher than anticipated.

It won't last, though. A Special Weather Statement has been issued for Toronto, with high winds and rain already putting a damper on the unseasonably warm temperatures.

The heat will quickly disappear as temperatures are expected to plummet back down to below freezing on Thursday night.

This mid-December heatwave has some worrying that snow may not arrive in time for a white Christmas, but a big dump of snow is set to arrive just in time to alleviate those concerns.

The Weather Network is forecasting up to ten centimetres of snow on Saturday, with additional dustings on the 23rd and again on Christmas Day.

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Jack Landau

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