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Toronto wakes up to frost-covered wonderland in a brief first taste of winter

Toronto may have ended up with a sunny, if not slightly brisk Friday to close out the work week, but those who rose bright and early this morning were treated to a frosty glimpse at the winter to come.

Registering just below freezing this morning, it wasn't quite cold enough for windows to frost over, but with the help of some cool winds, ice crystals collecting on grass and other foliage gave early morning commuters pause for a double-take.

Grassy oases within the city like Riverdale Park and the Fort York National Historic Site took on a distinctly wintery look until the morning sun quickly melted everything away.

But that left plenty of time for early risers to capture chilly scenes from lawns and parks across Toronto.

It seems anyone with a phone in their hands and grass under their feet was capturing what felt like Toronto's first frost, which actually occurred on Wednesday night.

And while some kept their cameras and phones zoomed out to take in the wider scene, others got up close and personal for some stunning macro photography of frost-covered flowers and leaves.

Winter is just around the corner, but it's still very much fall, and these gorgeous shots of frost-encased leaves showing vibrant fall colours serve as a reminder that we still have at least a few more weeks of relative comfort.

If these photos send a shiver down your spine, there's no need to go into early hibernation.

Temperatures are looking pretty mild over the next week, with highs in the mid-teens into next week, though December is just around the corner.

Lead photo by

Desmond Ryan

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