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First taste of winter is expected to arrive in Toronto this week

Halloween is over, November has arrived, and it looks like it's about to bring Toronto a first taste of winter.

The Weather Network says Toronto should expect to see cooler temperatures than normal, with sights of possible snow into the coming week. 

On Wednesday, temperatures of the Great Lakes will be above average, causing some lake-effect snow to be pushed off into surrounding regions. 

Drivers heading out on Wednesday should be mindful, since there may be rapidly changing conditions with snowfall in some areas, the weather agency says. 

It's also going to feel a bit colder than what we've been used to through these recent mild fall conditions. 

Tuesday is set to be a high of 7 C, but feeling more like 3.

While Wednesday and Thursday will both be highs of 8 C, feeling closer to 6. 

Friday seems to be a bit warmer, where the forecast is set to be a high of 9 C, with some sunny skies to help. 

The Weather Network says the month of November will be a flip-flopping pattern of mild and cool temperatures until we get consistently colder heading into December. 

Either way, winter is set to arrive in full force, with colder conditions coming into Toronto way ahead of Christmas

With the kind of weather that's expected this week, it could be time for Toronto to dig out the winter jackets from our closets. 

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