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When will Toronto get its first snowfall of the season?

When will the first snowfall arrive in Toronto in 2021? It was a hot, sweaty, and humid summer across the city so winter may actually be a welcome sight for a few, at least at first.

With how much Toronto loves pouring salt everywhere, and the fact Canadian weather can go from a blizzard to t-shirt weather in just a week, winters in this city can be a slushie, messy, time.

The question of when the first snowfall will hit Toronto remains. Last year, Toronto's first snowfall came on Nov. 1, the year before that Nov. 7.

With the calendar just flipping over to October, it seems like there's still at least one month before those first few flurries fall onto Canada's largest city.

However, according to Farmer's Almanac's long range weather forecast, Southern Ontario could see cold flurries as early as mid-October. 

A number of weather forecasts also have the temperature in mid-October currently set to drop as low as 4 degrees Celsius, which means that the city will be walking the line of approaching freezing temperatures right around that time.

While November is still expected to be the most likely date of the first snowfall, don't be too surprised if you need to put on those winter boots while venturing out for Halloween this year.

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