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Brilliant rainbows have dazzled Toronto for three days straight

A cool, rainy weather system has persisted in Toronto over the weekend and into the start of the week, foreshadowing the brutal cold looming around the corner.

Still, the weather has actually been putting on a pretty spectacular show these past few days, with sky-searing thunderstorms and rainbows.

Lots of rainbows.

Even with the dropping temperatures, the weather is on a bit of a (figurative) hot streak, bringing Toronto its third consecutive day of rainbows that have added jolts of colour to these increasingly grey days.

After Friday night's intense thunderstorm, the rain’s intensity dropped off, leaving patches of rainfall across the city. This on and off precipitation has created the perfect conditions for rainbows.

Saturday's double rainbow was particularly impressive, beautifully captured over the rail tracks and Gardiner Expressway in the view below.

Sporadic downpours created another colourful display over the city on Sunday, and this view from the CN Tower offers a unique eye-level perspective of the phenomenon.

From one point of view, the rainbow appeared to be bridging King West with The Annex, inspiring one commenter to suggest that "all the cool young people can go hang out w all the smart older folks."

A rainbow cresting over the city skyline had viewers along the waterfront stopping in their tracks, this shot from Queens Quay west of Dan Leckie Way showing the rainbow's spectrum boldly standing out against grey skies.

This morning, the rainbow pics started rolling in again for the third straight day. A fiery sunrise over Toronto Pearson International Airport was accompanied by a double rainbow in this stellar shot.

Three consecutive days with rainbows is quite the streak, though with clear skies in the forecast for Tuesday, a fourth straight day of rainbows over Toronto seems unlikely.

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A Great Capture

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