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It'll be excessively rainy in Toronto this weekend thanks to Tropical Storm Pamela

I sincerely hope you soaked up all the sunshine while you could in Toronto this past weekend, because an incoming storm system will soon rudely usher that lovely, summer-like weather right out of town.

Alternately classified as a hurricane or a tropical storm, depending on its strength, which has waxed and waned, Storm Pamela was about 4,000 kilometres away from southern Ontario when it touched down in the Mexican state of Sinaloa Wednesday morning.

While it hit shore as a category 1 hurricane, Pamela has now been downgraded to a tropical storm — albeit a nasty one that brings with it the possibility of "life-threatening flash flooding and mudslides" in Mexico and Texas.

"The strongest winds are expected to ravage the Mexican coastline where Pamela moves onshore from Wednesday into Wednesday night," writes AccuWeather, noting that winds of 145-175 km/h are expected with possible gusts of nearly 200 km/h.

All of this is to say that she's a baddie, this Pamela, and she's headed directly for Toronto.

The storm is expected to weaken significantly as it moves inland, of course, but Weather Network meterologists say we'll still feel the impacts here come Friday.

"As Pamela's structure dissolved over the mountainous terrain of Mexico on Wednesday, its moisture feed did not," reads an update from the network published Wednesday morning.

"As the moisture is nearly 4,000 kilometres away from southern Ontario, this is a story that'll come to fruition as we push towards the weekend."

Moisture from the remnants of Pamela are expected to "bring a heavy round of rain across Ontario through Saturday," though total rainfall amounts aren't quite yet clear.

Either way, we're in for a soggy weekend, and potentially a wet couple of days to end out the week as well: Potential rain is in the forecast at for at least part of the time on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

After that, we could see another sunny break, but forecasts suggest that temperatures won't rise above the 20 C mark again. At least not for a while.

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