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A Toronto realtor is getting roasted for her cringeworthy video about King West

Today in unintentionally hilarious TikTok videos, we have a real estate agent who is either lying about the fact that she lives in Toronto, trolling the city with a bang-on parody bit, or genuinely fond of greasy douchebags and waiting in line for overpriced Instagram backgrounds.

Whatever the case, Anna Oliver's video on "the top neighbourhood to live in Toronto" is getting a lot of attention... mostly due just to her selection of King West, which many locals find ludicrous.

The 30-second clip in question was uploaded to Oliver's TikTok account five days ago, but was reposted Monday night on Twitter by a user with the (genius) handle @politicalth0t.

"Literally the worst video that exists and I'm not exaggerating," wrote the Toronto resident when sharing Oliver's cringey vid, sparking a torrent of replies to the same effect.

"My top choice, probably not a surprise, is King West. Wow," says Oliver in the 30-second-long clip after a text-to-audio robots asks the title question.

"If you want to see and be seen, King West is your neighbourhood. Let me tell you," she continues. "King West is home to the best restaurants. Think Aretto, Think Laval rooftop patio, the poolside bar."

The latter restaurant, Lavelle, is mispelled in the video, and "Aretto" does not exist. It is likely that she was referring to the restaurant Oretta, which is directly next to Lavelle at 633 King Street West.

Transplants from Quebec are getting a special kick out of the former flub.

"You have to be a special type of white to say King West is your fave neighborhood lol," wrote one Twitter user.

"No way she said Lavelle was one of the best restaurants in Toronto…. I'm surprised she didn’t mention Cactus Club too," joked another.

The comments on TikTok are particularly mean, with users making cracks about how the realtor is "cheugy," "must be from Barrie," or "definitely looks like she likes King West."

As for that last comment, Oliver has actually been refreshingly candid in the past about getting "a lot of work done." Hey, lips don't lie and neither does she... except for maybe her city of residence?

While some of the comments are aimed at the Sotheby's realtor herself, the vast majority take aim at King West as a neighbourhood.

"King West is arguably the worst neighbourhood in the City, with the worst food and is only loved by people from Oakville and Mississauga who have to take the 2:15 am GO home," wrote one user in reply to the video, which has since been viewed nearly 50,000 times on Twitter.

"The lineup for Lavelle is 19-year-olds from Brampton and 40-year-old club promoters from Mississauga," wrote someone else on TikTok.

The video itself is also taking a bit of flack for... well, it's general everything — but especially the part where Oliver twirls around a pole in what is clearly Yorkville while talking about the "exclusive clubs" and "beautiful people" of King West.

Oliver has yet to reply to a request for comment from blogTO, but she did reply to a few comments on her TikTok post suggesting that the whole thing was fake.

"This has to be a joke..." commented one, to which the realtor responded "thanks for catching on." In response to another comment that reads "you're joking, ya?" Oliver wrote "could be" with a winking emoji.

Her dozens of prior TikTok posts — most of which are genuinely helpful for prospective homebuyers! — suggest otherwise.

Nothing on Oliver's public social media accounts or website indicate that she has an interest in comedy or parody, but it's always possible that this is her first foray into something new... in which case, quit your day job, girl! You're hilarious!

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Anna Oliver

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